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Medium Difficulty
Treble choir, SSAA choir, SATB choir, percussion (vibraphone, xylophone), optional handbells.
Gondwana Choirs, Directed by Lyn Williams

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Advanced SATB divisi choirpreorder-itunesCommissioned by The Choir of St James’, Sydney
Winner of the 15th International Choral Competition, Croatia.

I – Versa Est In Luctum

II – Lamentation of Jeremiah

III – Hombres, Victoria, Victoria!

Medium Difficulty, SSAA treble choir with piano


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Rain Dream is a highly imaginative choral piece for SSAA choir and piano. In it a young child who lives in the dry central Australian outback and has never seen rain dreams of what it would like to be in a thunderstorm. The work eventually becomes a sort of rain dance with chanting of “Wandjina”, an Australian Aboriginal rain spirit. Commissioned by Gondwana Voices and winner of the Gondwana Voices Composition Competition.


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Medium Difficulty, SATB divisi choir, a cappella

On The Night Train sets the scene of a train dashing through the Australian bush at dusk, as described by Henry Lawson’s graceful poetry.The emptiness of the Australian outback is represented by long, sustained pitches in the opening and closing sections of the work, above which a simple, folk-like melody is sung. This melody is also used throughout a rhythmic contrasting section where the singers create the impression of a moving train with “scat-like” nonsense syllables and whispered vocal effects.

Commissioned by The St Peters’ Lutheran Chorale, performed by Gondwana Chorale

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